Some recommendations for binders, summaries, notes, collections, and viewers

  1. When I use ps manufacture and import the icon (a few dozen or more), too much in the binder right after choosing icon, can display the icon can’t display completely (my computer screen is 2 k, so I will be the zoom set to 150% of the computer, it will be more comfortable, but also can display the icon is better), even if I’m going to zoom set to 100%, can display the icon is limited, so hope to be able to increase the slider to display more content

  2. When I open the project keyword window and add more than 100 sub-keywords to a keyword, even if the project keyword is adjusted to the full screen size, it still cannot be displayed completely (no doubt, I really need to add more than 100 sub-keywords, not 100, but more than 100).

  3. Collection can only be side-by-side instead of adding a sub-collection under one collection, which troubles me a lot. Therefore, many collections can be completely classified under one collection

  4. Each text can have only one profile and note, but in fact, sometimes a document often need to record a number of different things, and they can not be put in a summary or note, what because this record will be very much, is very difficult to find, and summary and note or a custom title, so I’m looking for a specific profile and note it is very difficult

  5. Although binder can be increased by reducing the indentation between fluctuation file shows the number of, but when I added more than 500 or more layer of child file, even if the whole of the binder to maximum width to the right, there will be unable to display, so hope to be able to add a slider sliding around, to display more content (there is no doubt that I will really add such a multilayer child files, because I can really, as my project schedule, layer can reach 3000 or more)

  6. If possible, the summary, note, document bookmarks, project boolmarks, custom metadata, keywords, comments, and footnotes can be separated and have separate ICONS to switch between different functions, and in fact, you can completely add subcategories for placing images, music, web pages, PDF, epub, and more file formats

  7. Hope to be able to increase before the suffix features, for example, I set a cultural relic, his title is like this: [haojing] called Shi ☾ called male Shi ☽ called Kang Gong YanZhao male 】 【 】 the call’s son < last name > [called party countries] “big bao (Pacific)”
    The meaning of these brackets is:
    [] : the state
    ☾ ☽ : nickname
    【】 : posthumous title
    “” : surname
    < > : last name
    Official positionI can achieve a similar effect, but the title will be very long and ugly, because I hope developers can optimize it to make it like a tag, which is to label each document or title, and it should be displayed directly on the title, not in the keyword

  8. Hopes to increase the function of a family tree (similar to a mind map), under the specific can consult the crusaders 2, the king of the game each character can open a separate window, can be used to display the family lineage relationships, rather than with the existing binder confused, I believe most of the novel writer would need one of these functions

  9. Hope to be able to add support for the Chinese, many of the Chinese writer, was written more than 1000 chapters (chapters 3000 words to 100 million words) or more of the novels, for super long novels, the Settings can be important (for example the world view of the ring than the whole of his novels of hard disk space occupied to 100 times more)

  10. This is part of the idea that I have temporarily come up with. The software you developed has improved the efficiency of the whole novel that I am writing now. I like your software very much and strongly recommend your software to my friends.