Some remarks about target counting

Perhaps it would be convenient if one could determine not only word (or character) targets for the draft folder and for individual documents, but also for a self chosen part of the draft folder. This would make it possible, for instance, to pursue certain numerical relationships between various parts of a book.

Moreover, perhaps it would be handy if one could establish for individual documents not only final targets, but also session targets. As far as I can see, at present this is not possible.

And in the Reference Guide I read: “Also note that if you delete lots of text, session statistics will not start showing any progress until you have written as much again. In other words, it shows your net gain during the session.”

This is a behaviour I can’t confirm. When I type 300 words, delete them and then continue typing, the total amount of words increases immediately: 301, 302, 303 …. Or am I missing something?

Ahem… I’d file this under “Procrastination Ideas”. Or under “Over-Organizing”. One would spend more time inserting target numbers than actual writing… :confused:

Well, I think it depends. For those used to keep their documents rather short, it might indeed be overkill; but for those who write documents containing thousands of words, it might be useful.

I was wondering about this too. Was this question answered anywhere?

I love having session targets, by the way, since I always sit down to write a certain number of words (pushing through that dissertation).


I think the change to how Session Targets is counted (i.e. now counting text deleted later) was made in the latest beta - which hasn’t had its documentation updated yet - but I may be wrong. Of course, if you’re not using the beta, that would definitely prove me wrong…

I personally preferred the old method, for the same reasons as you, but I understand the new behaviour was requested by a number of people. And I guess it can’t be made an option, otherwise I’m sure Keith would have done it that way to start with.

(If the ‘cumulative count’ method is here to stay, though, I do wonder if it’s at all possible not to count pasted text? That would solve the problem for me in large part, because most of my ‘miscounting’ comes from deciding to move paragraphs around…)

I’m using 1.05b.

Yes, I would prefer session target statistics to only count words that I produce and keep. Deleted words would get deleted from the statistics.

It sounds like it used to be that way but I must have missed that. I just started using this feature a week or so ago.

I was scanning through the forums but I couldn’t find this discussion. Could you point me towards it? It would be nice to know the arguments for it; maybe I would learn to like it.

I don’t know how I feel about counting pasted text. Lots of times I paste in stuff from other sources that I would definitely want to count as part of the total. On the other hand, as you say, moving text around would then screw up the count.

I guess I would want to subtract clipped text from the stats and add pasted text–??

I wish. I wasn’t party to the original discussion, assuming there was one; I just remember Keith saying it was a much-requested feature change. It may have just been people emailing him, and so never actually on the board.

Pretty sure that’s how the old method worked… :wink:

Aha. Thanks!