Some Requests

Thank you for a useful tool. I agree with the comment that this is not omnigaffle light - thank goodness. However, over time I’m sure we will all discover a few useful additions. My big surprise was not having a variety of document backgrounds - like the chalkboard in one of the examples. I believe posting the examples - which you indicated you would - should allow me to copy the style if I’m correct.



Glad you like it! We hope to post the examples soon. The chalkboard one, though, is just a dark green background (set using the “Document” pane in the Inspector) and with a “chalkdust” font that I downloaded from the internet for free (I think it was this one: … /Chalkdust ).

The only screenshot that uses a texture background is the one with squared paper, all of the others just use colours.

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I agree - with KenMick. Scapple is a very useful tool. I found it by accident looking for new drawing tools on the web. In addition to your remarks: The chalkboard background and font is a great idea (I work as a lecturer :slight_smile:. Nevertheless - printing out your described scenario is still difficult and tricky:

  • First attempt: The background is white and you can’t see the white arrows - because the text is black on white background but the arrows are still white
  • Secound attempt: Changing the background to the green chalkboard color (option in printing dialogue): The text is now black and not white.

Also helpful would it be, if the program recognizes the position of the starting point of the text and put this in left, upper corner of the paper and don’t try to centralize the picture horizontally and vertically.

I am really looking forward for updates and iPad versions!

Keep going and take care.


The example .scap files are now posted.

Thanks - this is a bug and I’ve now fixed it for the next update.

I’m not quite sure what you mean here…

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I’m not quite sure what you mean here…

Hi Keith,

I attached a print out (as PDF) to show what I mean. As you can see, there is a lot of space between the first text line and the top of the page. It would be in my opinion better, if Scapple calibrates the picture in such a way, that the picture is not centralized vertically and horizontically but - in this case - only horizontally.

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Print-Example.pdf (41.6 KB)


Just started using scapple and find great except for just one thing I was hoping to find: a timeline. It doesn’t have to be anything extremely complicated, just a line (on the top or on the bottom of the board, according to one’s preferences) onto which one can add points with notes, preferably with links to other notes in the same document. This way, one could make a visual reference guide to the time development of the novel/story one’s working on.
I think this timeline could be something very useful to any others who like to work with this method.
Thanks for the attention.

The app you may be looking for (and more!) is Aeon Timeline.

It’s developed to also communicate with Scrivener back and forth and the dev is very open to user ideas.



I would also like to see some ability to form a simple timeline and pull notes off of it. So, for instance, form a diagonal line from bottom left toward the upper right indicating trajectory of story, and then be able to pull threads off that line for story points. I can currently create a bubble at the bottom left and pull a dotted line to a bubble at the upper right, but I cannot (I think) link bubbles to the diagonal line… I must have them floating at the approximate point along the dotted line. Make sense?

By double-clicking on the line, you can create a new connected note there, which you could then use as a node for linking one or more other notes off of. You can keep adding points to the line this way as you need to create more dates.

“MimeticMouton”]By double-clicking on the line, you can create a new connected note there, which you could then use as a node for linking one or more other notes off of. You can keep adding points to the line this way as you need to create more dates.
Perfect. That will allow me to make as much of timeline as I need. Love you guys!

But you can’t delete any of the nodes thus created, without breaking the line…


No, but recreating the line between two nodes isn’t difficult, so I think the method works well for a simple sketch. If you need more complex timeline tools, then dedicated software like Aeon is certainly worth a look.

X and Y axis: If there was a way to turn on a bar, on the X or Y axis, or both, and we could define each bar in any way we want, timeline or otherwise (free-form typing), it would be welcomed.

Dragging the view of the entire Scapple window (like on Google maps and such) would be exceedingly helpful for larger Scapple projects.

I understand that both left and right clicking on Scapple board now have functions associated with them, so I do not know the nuances/options for making drag navigation of the entire project window work.

The current bottom and side sliders, even with effective use of zoom, is troublesome, time-consuming and fussy with larger projects.

Thanks, L&L. :slight_smile:

You can pan the whole map around, but as you pointed out, it requires a keyboard shortcut unlike Google Maps, since you can select multiple objects with a left click and drag. To pan, hold down the spacebar, like you would in a diagramming or illustration program, and then click and drag.

Background Shapes: I wish Magnetic was the default, or allow a user to choose to make Magnetic a default for Background shapes (each time, I have to open Inspector and then select Magnetic as that is what I use every time with Backgrounds). If there’s a way to do this now, please teach me. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’m digging Scapple big-time!