Some shortcuts not working

I love keyboard shortcuts very much and enjoy whenever I can write along without having to use the mouse. Unfortunately, several important shortcuts that don’t seem to work:

I can open the second editor with CMD-= (or CMD-"), but I am not able to close it again with CMD-’ although this is indicated.

There are two shortcuts to jump to document notes (ALT-CMD-6) or to project notes (CTRL-CMD-6), but they don’t seem to work either.

Any hints welcome, as always…

You must have another program on your system that traps these keys - something like TypeIt4Me or whatever it’s called. Anything that might intercept the shortcuts before they get to Scrivener. This is the only thing that can cause this…
Hope that helps.
All the best,

Ah. Yes. That helps. No, it does not help, because I absolutely need my TypeIt4Me, but at least it explains what’s going on…

You can change Scrivener’s shortcuts via the Keyboard & Mouse System Preferences, and I would imagine you could change TypeIt4Me’s, too - so you could set up the shortcuts to work how you want.
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