Some Snapshots can't be deleted

I’d been working on a project for a long time on WinScriv 1.9 and only recently upgraded it to 3.0.1. In the conversion process, it appears as though all of the snapshots that I’d created have gone haywire. All of them are now titled “Untitled Snapshot” and they don’t show any actual content. When I click “Compare,” it says “No differences found” even if I add a wall of text or delete every last character. And if I try to delete the snapshot, nothing happens. It doesn’t delete if I hit the delete key, if I right-click and choose to delete, or use the minus sign to delete it. I get the popup asking if I want to delete, but it doesn’t actually delete.

So, I thought I’d create a new file for each existing file and just copy/paste the content from old to new. But I can’t do that without needing to manually move all notes and reference links and metadata and all of that, and that’s ridiculously unrealistic. Is there a way to duplicate a file without certain items? Or is there a way to just get rid of the ghost snapshots that I’m not seeing?