Some Suggestions about secondary classification

A document can be classified into many categories, such as “pigs”, which can be classified as mammals, livestock, or omnivores.
For me, I need to sort documents twice, even three times, four times.
So I want the developer to enhance the collection, notes, document bookmarks, icon, label list, status list.
First, I want the collection to have subfolders, so that different collections can be grouped under the same collection.
Secondly, I hope that one document can have multiple notes, because the same document often needs different notes to record different notes, and it will be very confusing and difficult to find if different notes are put together.
Third, I want document bookmarks to be able to be changed without changing the original content, and to have a copy that can be changed, because I often need to change a bookmark, but I don’t want to change the source bookmark.
Fourth, icon can help me again for document classification, for example, I set up the qin, jin, chu, qi four countries, but because of the four countries people too much, I need to make your own icon to give these characters (each character corresponds to a document) to carry on the clear difference in the country, to tell me the character belongs to which country.
I used ps to redraw the icon, but the imported icon is very fuzzy and hard to distinguish.
At 150% zoom level in win10 (my screen has a resolution of 2560*1440), the icon is easy to see, and less than 150%, the icon is hard to see.
Fifth, the label list and status list can add suboptions, that is, multiple options can be placed under one option.
Sixth, add more functions like label list and status list.
The following is a bug. When you right-click a document to classify it into collections or ICONS, if there are too many, the collection or ICONS will be hidden and cannot be selected for improvement.

When you select a table, you can’t merge the cells. I don’t know if it’s a bug or my problem.
When link to document in the document, if the link is deleted, the link is not deleted and cannot be cancelled, you must first write one or two words, and then right click unlink.
When a new document is selected and a mouse wheel is used to scroll over the profile, the text is not displayed normally, but is clearly visible.