Some table issues

I’m using tables to manage information for a project I’m working on. I’ve noticed a few bugs that manifest in both the stable version and the beta and a couple I’ve only seen the beta.

  1. Pasting text in a table cell intermittently sets the font to MS Shell Dlg 2 (I use Calibri by default). Other font properties, including size, are not affected.

Sadly, I haven’t figured out a reliable repro and it doesn’t happen very frequently, but I’ve encountered it about five times today as I’ve been working. Once it occurs, it happens for every subsequent paste.

I tend to switch between mouse and keyboard shortcut text selection (Shift+Ctrl+Right or Left Arrow), but I always Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V to copy/paste.

I’ve tried selecting all on the page and setting the font to make sure there isn’t some stray MS Shell Dlg 2 formatting hidden somewhere, but the problem still occurs.

I’ll post a follow-up if I figure out anything more helpful.

  1. Double-clicking in the left or middle cell in a 3-column table selects the current cell and the one to its right. I’d expect a double click to select all within the current cell.

  2. I’ve seen it reported elsewhere, but large tables are pretty slow. I have two 100 row by 3 column tables on a page and there’s significant typing lag. Not really a bug, but I figured I’d slip in some whining.

  3. I got one crash in by clicking a cell, right clicking, selecting Table from the pop-up menu, and choosing Add Row Above. I didn’t get a crash the next two times I tried it and I wasn’t eager enough for a crash to keep at it.

  4. Also seemingly exclusive to, I’ve noticed an Undo-related glitch that seems easy to repro.

Steps: Copy text, paste into a cell, then paste into a different cell. Hit Undo twice. The first Undo removes the text you just pasted. The second does nothing as far as I can tell except move the cursor to a different cell. A third Undo will remove the first text you pasted.

I happened upon this while trying to repro the font issue. I haven’t tested it on a smaller table. Seems harmless.

  1. Pretty minor, but the cell outlines look kind of thick even at 1px, which appears to be due to each cell having a discrete 1px outline that abuts its neighbor’s instead of them sharing a single 1px line. Just a guess based on a thin white line that appears between the second and third column where it looks like the cell borders are separated by a pixel-wide space.

  2. Probably more of a suggestion, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to append one table to another, which is why I have two tables instead of one larger one. They remain separate even if you paste one right after the other.

I realize that tables aren’t a primary focus of Scrivener and that I’d probably be better off using Excel for this particular task, but the split pane feature is so useful for what I’m doing that I can’t bring myself to switch. In any case, I hope this information is somewhat helpful.

Scrivener rules!