Some things preventing me from switching

So… yep. Scrivener has been great through my last two WriMos, and it’s the only program I can stand to write a novel on anymore. Then version 2 came out… and I have the trial downloaded, but to be honest, I just can’t make the switch. There are a few preferences that I just MUST have that are in version 1, and that I can’t seem to make work in version 2.

1.) The Tab spacing. I’ve found a different thread on this, but in version 1, you can press tab and it’ll work how is does on MS Word. Like we’re used to. Version 2… you press tab, and you may as well have pressed Enter/return. I got the ruler to come up, but I have to create the tab spaces myself? Okay… I could do that, but the problem is, I don’t know where EXACTLY to drag the little arrow to! I want it to be exactly the same as it is in version 1.

2.) That ugly black line between the files, when you compile it all. For example… I’ll have a few different files under “draft”… then I’ll click “draft” so it’ll compile it all, and between all the different files there’s an ugly black line. It used to be just a change in background color. Thankfully, the line doesn’t copy/paste, but sometimes, especially in my novels, I leave off in the middle of a scene, and in the next day I come and complete it. This isn’t a problem in version 1, because everything is together; no spaces, no black line dividers, just a difference in background color. In version 2 there’s an unnecessary black line. But I guess this is just my preference… but at the same time, there are SO many preferences you can adjust, except just not this.

A few other things that bother me is just the aesthetic, it looks like an “iTunes 10” was pulled on it, and the buttons that looked fine before now look ugly. And that top bar is waaaaaay too crowded with options. Navigating around the Preferences is difficult as well. And I had to change 5 different text options before it would finally default at Times New Roman.

I know… I’m just whining by now… but I do love Scrivener, I’m never going back to writing on Word as long as I live. Scrivener was amazing when I took notes at my History class… but unless there’s a way to change these things in Scrivener 2, then I’m going to be on version 1 forever. Which I don’t mind too badly… but those APA and MLA templates would be useful. Oh well. If version 1 works for me, I guess that’s all there is to it then! Looking around the forums… wow! There are so many people that use Scrivener for so many different things, it’s amazing!

It sounds like you’ve been using an earlier version of 2.0. To address your two points in reverse, it is possible in the current download of Scrivener (2.0.2) to change the dividers between Scrivenings to a subtle crop mark, looking like this:scrivening crop marks.png
To change it, go to Scrivener>Preferences:Formatting and check the box at the bottom to “separate with single line breaks.”

As for the tabs, the default settings, at least on the latest download, include a few tab stops to start, but if you want more you can make them yourself, as you know (see §14.4 in the Manual for details). You can do this quite quickly by importing a document that has the tab settings you want–for instance, just make a dummy text in Word, which you know has the ruler as you want it, then drag it into the binder of a Scrivener project. Select some text in that document and go to Preferences:Formatting and click the button at the top to “use current.” This will set the default text style for all new documents to the formatting of your selected text, including the tab stops. You can adjust the font, etc., as you desire. To then bring this over to any existing documents, select them in the binder and choose Documents>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style.

As far as the aesthetics, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. :slight_smile: There’s been a lot of talk about this already, so let me just summarize the main points: If you don’t like the icons, you can choose to 1) use text only for the toolbar, 2) use small icons for the toolbar, 3) hide the toolbar entirely, 4) go into the package and replace the icon images with something you like. You’re also free to customize the toolbar, as in most applications–right click on it and change it around as you like.

Hope that helps you appreciate 2.0 a little more. Of course you’re welcome to stick with 1.54, but there are a lot of fantastic features as well as optimizations in 2.0, so it’d be a pity to miss if you can find solutions for your couple issues!

A lot of work went into 2.0 - I spent two years on it, and I’m very proud of it. An “iTunes 10” most certainly was not pulled on it, but icons are a subjective thing and you are of course welcome to your opinion.

MM has answered your main questions, I believe. Nothing has changed regarding tab behaviour, so I don’t know what you mean there, it must be your ruler settings (but 2.0.2’s default ruler settings certainly have no such problem - I think 2.0 may have initially had this issue, though - it just happens if no tabs are defined, but you can change the default formatting to anything you want so you don’t have to use Scriv’s defaults). Also, as MM points out, there is an alternative to the black lines through files in the preferences (the alternating colours were dropped because they were causing a lot of text slowdown, and I much prefer the new separators - obviously change is different for everybody though). You can also turn off the format bar with the options in it that you find so crowded if you want. (And yes, there are indeed a lot of preferences, but here you are asking for options to turn things off - that’s exactly why there are a lot of preferences, because everybody has something they want to turn on or off. :slight_smile: )

But no one’s forcing you to update - you are welcome to continue using 1.x, as inferior as it is (and 2.x really is a massive step forward), until it breaks on some future OS update.

I’d like very much to have the format bar turned off by default. I have searched without success to find a way to do that. Is it possible?

  • Steve

Format bar visibility is a passive project level setting (by passive, I mean it just remembers whatever you left it at) and thus you’ll want to make a template for yourself with all of these types of choices. If you always use index card label tinting, for instance, templates make a nice way to always ensure a new project comes up the way you need it. Having preferences for each and every one of these decisions would make things even harder to figure out as the preferences would be crammed full of stuff, half of which doesn’t do anything until you make a new project. There is already some of that in there for the more common stuff, but for anything not in there, you’ll need a template—same as 1.x for that matter. If you always wanted status stamps on, you’d have to make a template.

One other point: it sounds from the first message that you are using Scrivenings to essentially compile? While that’s certainly an easy way to grab a flat file out of the outliner, you might want to explore using the actual compile feature, from the File menu. For one, it doesn’t put black lines everywhere (though as MM points out, you can alter that behaviour). The main reason to use compile though is that you can make file formats you can’t make with copy and paste, like e-books, web pages, quick PDFs, and so on. It also has a large capacity for reformatting and cleaning up “working” marks, like highlights, annotations, punctuation styles, and more.