Some thoughs about navigation and two wishes

[Standard disclaimer: I’ve never used the Mac version so I come at this solely from a Windows user perspective.]

First, thank you for making the cross really close the software. That was the thing I found most annoying thing with Scrivener. And thank you for Scrivener; listing the things I like about it would take me a long time. :slight_smile:

Now a few things which make navigating hard for me:

– when double clicking on a notecard, I can edit it. Is there any way it could also open the document? Editing could be an icon somewhere whereas general double clicking would open it? Or an option? Double clicking to open is such an ingrained habit and Scrivener not doing that is my biggest issue with the software right now.

[Edit] To clarify, I know clicking on the label will do what I want but 1) it doesn’t work when there’s no label, obviously 2) it’s not intuitive to me. Maybe if the label was bigger?

– when selecting a notecard on the corkboard then clicking on ‘Text View’ it shows you all the documents from the folder and not the notecard you selected. I think it should either only display the document you selected or display them all but scroll down to the document you selected (the way it does in Outline View).

– when I have one document opened in ‘Text View’ and I click on ‘Corkboard View’ or ‘Outline View’ I don’t see anything (because the document’s not a folder). I would expect it to bring me back to the parent folder.

– when I use the arrows in the main window to navigate through documents, the selector doesn’t follow my movements in the Binder sidebar. It’s stuck to the document I originally opened.

[Edit] – same thing when you open a document from the corkboard.

And two wishes:

– I would love it if we could make Patch and Match Style the default Patch option.
– I would love it if the corkboard notecards were resizable and/or adapted to the font size one has chosen. Sorry if works like that now as the bug with the font size being stuck to 8 prevents me from seeing it.