Some typographic tweaks and wishes in Script-Mode

Hi Scrivener 3 Windows Beta- DeveloperTeam

I have some bugs and wishes in Sript Mode.

  • Scrivener crashes, when i change something in the script-preferences window and hit OK.
  • When a format like “Scene-Heading” is applied all the typography becomes capital lettered. This is correct. But if you chose this format by accident, there is no way to get the original typography back. If you’re choosing another format like “Action”- the letters remain capital. You can eather rewrite everything or use the “make lowercase” function and correct alle the letters that were intended to be capital. In adobe Indesign you can change the character style without overwriting the original one. It would be really helpfull, if it would be possible in scrivener too.
  • All the lines i write in Script mode are like shifted a bit to the top. The curser is in the lower third of the line. That makes it difficult to click on a specific point, where you want to correct something. Most of the time i end up being in the line above, where i wanted to add a letter or a word…
  • For correction purposes i would love, if you could add a button for crossed letters. There is allready a shortcut, but me… I really would love a button. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your on going effort to make this program happen! It’s allready beautiful!
And sorry for my bad english
With kind regards Nils

You need to post this in the Beta Test forum so that the devs actually see it.