Some unpleasant Windows issues

I’m still using Scriv for Windows 1.2.1

Here are two major flaws. When clicking Check for Updates in the program, the message says it can’t find an active network connection. Insane. That shouldn’t happen.

in the Keep UP to Date option (also found in the Help group), after supplying name and email, Scriv reports it can’t figure out my Domain. What? It’s just a standard email address. How hard can that be?

Sorry you’re experiencing some problems. There was an unfortunate bug in the 1.2.1 release of Scrivener which could cause this update problem. It has been fixed, so you’ll just need to go download and install the current version, 1.5.3, from our website rather than via the auto-updater, and then you’ll be set to use the auto-update next time around. Once you’ve upgraded to 1.5.3, try the sign up for the newsletter again–I know there have been adjustments made to that form, so the upgrade may resolve the domain identification problem as well. Alternatively you can try signing up by submitting your email via the website at the bottom of this page. Be sure to select the Windows version of the newsletter.

I did upgrade. But I didn’t uninstall first.
Would I be better off to roll back, uninstall 1.2.1, then install from Scratch?

(I see one problem since upgrading. Scrivener seems to take a long time to load.)

i should have noted. The upgrade resolved the auto update and the newsletter options. Those were fixed.


Normally installing over an existing version shouldn’t really pose a problem, but since you are having suboptimal performance, you can go ahead and uninstall, delete the Scrivener installation directory if it isn’t fully removed by the uninstaller, and then reinstall 1.5.3. Or do the rollback if you prefer; either method should give you a clean slate for installing 1.5.3. There have been many optimisations made and most users are finding 1.5.3 much faster than prior versions, so that you’re experiencing lag is unusual, and hopefully it will be cleared up by the clean install. Keep in mind also that load times will be affected by how many documents Scrivener has to open on startup, so if you’re opening straight to a lengthy Scrivenings session or such, that will take longer than opening to a single document. For large projects like that you may do better just switching the view mode in the editor before closing the project, then switching back once the project is open.

It may be that my project has many documents, causing lag in loadup.
So what do you mean, switch to a different view mode?

What would be the one that allows easier reload and refresh?

So, someone, please suggest the specific Editing/view mode that is the simplest and the one which helps reopen Scrivener easiest, if you are working on a lengthy complex document?

Any suggestions?