Some unrecognized words don't have a "learn this"/"ignore this" option?

If I type the word “Harmen” for example, there’s a red underline beneath it in Scrivener (and for that matter in this web browser), but when I right click on it, there’s no option to either ignore or learn the word.

Is this a bug, or is something else going on?

I sometimes have to highlight it and then right-click and then the ‘learn spelling’ option appears. Otherwise, I just right-click on it and run the spelling and grammar.

I do not know why what you reported happens (I’ve experienced it, too.)

If it’s capitalized, it could be a name for all the spell checker knows. In other cases, the error could be grammar, not spelling.

If it’s capitalized and a name, then it should not be flagged as an error. If it is flagged as an error, then it should have the option to learn or ignore the word.

And grammar errors would have green, not red, underlines under them as far as I know…

Type the word into Synopsis and try to save it there.
You may have copied and pasted it from elsewhere, like the internet and brought along some hidden “stuff” Scrivener’s editor can’t resolve.
You’ll find this happens once in a purple moon.

I don’t think any of those are it. See for example this weird set of outcomes. These are all hand-typed.

You’ve discovered that computer algorithms are not smart. Anyway, the operating system does this job, not Scrivener itself.

Apparently not, since turning off automatic spell check on my mac (through Settings → Keyboard → Spelling → turn off “Correct spelling automatically” doesn’t change the red lines in Scrivener. And even turning off “Correct spelling errors as you type” in Scrivener Settings doesn’t do it either.

So what is causing the red lines?

Settings for spelling and grammar exist both in system Settings and in Scrivener, but both control system settings.

I figured it out. Turns out it’s controlled by Apple system settings under Spelling… if the option is “Automatic by language” and the word makes sense in some context in SOME language… then it will be be marked as ok. Otherwise it will be marked as misspelled. When I changed it to “US English” the problem disappeared.

What still does not make sense, however, is that even check spelling automatically was turned OFF in both Apple system settings AND in Scrivener settings… that it still seemed to be checking spelling (I got red underlines). This was true in Scrivener but NOT true in TextEdit.

The setting you refer to here does not change whether spell check is in use by any particular project, but whether it will use the system auto-correction behaviour which attempts to guess at words you just misspelled and changes them without you going and right-clicking on it and changing it yourself. You won’t even see red lines if that happens.

As noted, each project has a setting for whether spell check (not correct) while typing is enabled, in the standard location in the Edit menu. Whatever you chose last in that menu (on or off) determines how new projects are created (same goes for the substitution settings, also in the Edit menu).

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I see. It makes sense now, thanks.