Some Usability Suggestions From a Well Travelled Macophile

First off, sorry if these suggestions have already been posted. I did a cursory ‘look see’ and it didn’t appear so.

For some Scrivener applications, I have found folders and nested subdocuments to be counter-productive to need. So, for these, I rely heavily on keywords and searching - and taken together these tools work great.


I would love to be able to [1] sort my Articles (Drafts) list ALPHABETICALLY and / or BY DATE. I take it this action is currently not available. I would also enjoy being able to simply type ahead in the Articles (Drafts) column to find a title.

Your Keywords HUD is automatically sorted - which is great - but, again I would love to simply click into the keywords list and type ahead. Obviously, all I get now is a dull ‘BONK’. In my world, being able to apply one or several keywords to a group of documents is outstanding - so thanks much for that gem of a development.


The highlight find feature will be very important to me in my work - moving forward. So here are some ideas:

—Please consider adding ‘Check All’ and ‘Uncheck All’ buttons to the Highlights Finder window.
—Also, how about the eventuality of unlimited highlight categories and colors.
—You might want to consider bundling Hightlight, Annotation, and Footnote searching into one window. Also, it would be ideal to have a Results List appended to that window so we can simply click on found entries rather then cycle through them

Any plans for providing a global search function across all Scrivener files?

Currently, is there a method to limit the text ‘fill-up’ of an index card when a document is dragged to Scrivener from another application?

Small Things I Like a Lot. . .So Thanks,

  1. The ability to drag a document from one Scrivener file to another. I have Scrivener files with hundreds of web snippets and articles. When I need one of those elsewhere in the ‘Scrivosphere’, I simple find it and slide it over to another Scrivener file for reuse.

  2. If I want to add a document to a folder quickly, I simple search for the folder name. With the focus on the folder, I then select CMD N. Perfect.

  3. Keywords can be used for just about anything. I slip them into articles as section headings (thus they solve two problems.) I slip keyword phrases into note windows as thought starters.

Well, the Columbia Roast is cold and the cats have all claimed the muffin crumbs, so I’ll sign off by simply thanking you for thinking of us so completely.


Gene Rosen
Screen Actors Guild
Hollywood, CA


And thanks for your suggestions. To address them:

There is no real way to do this non-destructively. You can sort your articles alphabetically, via the Documents menu, but that constitutes a permanent change. Of course, you can sort them via the search table. Other than this, this is unlikely to change, because of the way Scrivener uses outline views instead of table views. There is no real way to sort outline views non-permanently and still have drag and drop available.

Hmm. I can’t say too much about this. I will say two things: 1) I’m not going to be coding this into Scrivener myself. 2) Upgrade to Leopard when it comes out. :wink:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

You can already hold down the Option key while clicking on one of the checkboxes to check/uncheck all. I probably forgot to put that in the docs.

Not in 1.x. :slight_smile: For the foreseeable future, highlight colours are not likely to change much, I’m afraid. The limited colours makes it fairly low-cost, code-wise.

That’s certainly not a bad idea at all. I can’t promise anything, but it sounds reasonable.

That is what the search field in the toolbar is for. :slight_smile: (Also available via Find > Project Search). The idea is that you use that for narrowing down the documents visible in the binder, and then go through each document using the normal Find panel. Unless I misunderstand you.

Currently, it just grabs the first 500 characters. There was a debate on this some time ago, and this seemed to be the amount most users wanted grabbing (it used to be limited to only 100 characters).

Thanks for your kind words about Scrivener, and welcome to the forum!

All the best,