Some wishes..

I wish…

…that there was a way to select the elements in an item’s Document References panel, and move/copy them to another document within Scrivener.

…that double-clicking a link in the Document Reference panel activated the item - ie opened it in its default editor. At present this action edits the link reference.

edit: hey, I’ve just found out that you can do this: double-clicking the name of the item edits the link reference, but double-clicking the icon of the item opens it in its default editor! Brilliant :laughing:

…that there was a toolbar button for ‘show/hide scratchpad’.

You can also drag references from the inspector onto another document in the binder to add them to that document.

No toolbar button for the Scratchpad, but there is a keyboard shortcut. (I think it’s Ctrl+Shift+/ but check this because I’m not on Windows at the moment to look.)

Great! Many thanks.

I was also looking for a way to use reference links in multiple documents, so Scrivener handles this --great! However, dragging & dropping to another document doesn’t work for me (using beta 1.0.3-2 right now, but reemmber trying in 1.0.2 as well). I have tried to:

  • drag reference links from the document in view to another one in the binder (for both project and document references)
  • split view and drag reference links from one view to the other,

but none of them worked for me. Am I missing something?

A related question/wish: is there any way to see all reference links used in the Scrivener project together? Is there any planned refinement to this feature? It would be nice to have them automatically displayed in the project references, under a heading like ‘collected references’, etc.

And lastly a veery minor cosmetic issue: there is a needless margin in the document reference view, not sure whether it serves any function, but I don’t think so.

Best wishes,


Good idea. As my project gets bigger, I fin myself looking for a reference, but forget in which file I have made the link. It would be great to see them all together, and then be able to go the linked item, and to the file on which the link was made.

Hm, looks like the dragging references thing isn’t working, I’ll check up on that. I’m not sure whether it was removed purposely due to a problem or if this stopped working by accident when something else was adjusted. Sorry about my incorrect post there!

At the moment there’s not a way to pull the references together the way you’re talking about, although it’s an interesting idea. Project References probably isn’t exactly the place for that, since that already exists with a different purpose–any references that you want to access from anywhere in the project should go there, rather than in document references. But a way to do that or to search for the references might be a nice enhancement if there’s a smooth way of doing this.

… and also it doesn’t seem possible to select more than one reference at a time (eg for deleting).

Looks like I’ve posted about this problem before…

I want to drag or otherwise copy a reference from one document to another - is there a way of doing this?

Any response to this?

No, there’s not a way of dragging a reference from one document to add it to another’s references. This isn’t something that ever existed in the Mac version, and if it was ever in the Windows version (as I see I indicated several years ago) it may have been removed because of bugs it caused. A feature of this sort has been on the table for discussion though so it may be possible to include in a future version for both platforms.