Some words in eBook change to another language

Hi, I used Scrivener for eBooks. That went well in Englisch. Now I want to do that in Dutch as well. I changed the system language to Dutch, but there are still a few words that were in Englisch.
I managed to change the word ‘chapter’ to the Dutch equivalent.
But there are two words which I don’t know how to change into Dutch: ‘Content’ and ‘Title page’.
These words are automatically inserted by Scrivener on the Content page.

The name used for the title in the automatically generated table of contents is set up in the Layout compile option pane. As for the title page, I have no idea, the software doesn’t insert anything by that name—it’s probably a file in your Draft (or perhaps in the front matter folder) that is responsible.

I found out that the word ‘title page’ is a word which is in the ‘Front matter’, I could change that easily.
And… I just found the way how to change the word ‘CONTENT’.
In the COMPILE mode go to ‘Layout’, then under ‘Table of Contents’ the contents title can be changed.