Some words not wrapping[NOTED]

I’m not a techie person so i couldn’t say why this is happening on my Scrivener, but I recently pasted an old chapter of mine into a scrivener document. In about 5000 words or so, I noticed that two or three of the lines didn’t word-wrap correctly. Some words were cut off and finished on the line below.

if it helps, the whole document uses the justified alignment.

I have seen this error too… here’s some more info based on what I’ve seen:

Work-around: Add a space to the right of the word that is not wrapping correctly. The space will cause the whole word to fall to the last line (correcting the word-wrap issue).

This also will only happen when the last word of the paragraph should fall to the next line.

I can reproduce this issue in a new scrivener document by:

  • hit enter & go back up to first line (to get the invisible paragraph mark at the end of the line … this issue won’t happen on the very last line of the doc that doesn’t have the paragraph mark)
  • Start typing until you get to the word that is going to fall to the next line. So long as there’s no space after where you’re typing this last word will break apart & half will fall to the next line.

… also only happens if “Show Invisibles” is on. Not sure if this matches what the first user experienced, but it’s what I’m seeing. Hope this info helps.

I haven’t seen this in Scrivener, but it sound similar to something I have observed when cutting and pasting from one program to another. In some of the programs the cause is, I believe, obvious: In those programs some of the spaces between the words are a gray square, meaning the space was interpreted as a character other than space. The end result is that one or more words are joined by these “pseudo” spaces, causing the program to treat them as one long word. Deleting the pseudo spaces and replacing them with a space fixes the problem. I don’t know why this happens with some pastes, or why some programs show the pseudo spaces (making them easy to fix) and some don’t.

Of course I could be off base on this one, it could be an entirely different program.

I hope it helps to solve the problem, Lunarclipper

Good point, Lunarclipper. This problem is slightly different–it’s not moving multiple words to the next line where it shouldn’t but actually breaking up the text of a single word not containing spaces:brokenwordwrap.png
The word should be placed on the new line but if no space comes after it before the end of the paragraph, it gets split. As Christy observed, this only seems to happen if the carriage return has already been added and if “show invisibles” is turned on. With that, though, I’m able to consistently reproduce this in the editor in both regular and full screen mode. Toggling invisibles on and off (provided that you start with them on to cause the break initially) will actually jump the broken word to the correct placement on the next line and then back to broken.

(Beta 021 on XP Pro SP3)

Ah. I am making a guess now, this should not be taken as advice, I am just curious to know if I am right. It sounds like it is not really breaking the word there, (it should print fine and all). My guess is that Scrivener simply can’t display the text properly with the ‘extra’ invisible characters displayed. Let me know if I am wrong on this, as I am curious.

Here is an analogy that might help you to see what I mean: have a phone that uses a touch screen. When I type a text I can either hold the phone “portrait” and type on a simulated T9 keypad, or turn it “landscape” and type on a simulated full qwerty keyboard. When I type in “landscape”, the text appears to wrap in weird places and words would break across lines. If I turn the phone “portrait” the message appears fine. This is because the message is being formated to be viewed in the portrait orientation, even though the phone is in the landscape orientation.

So it seems to me that this is simply Scrivener being forced to display the text with characters it would not normally display, causing the text to appear skewed on the screen. So am I anywhere near to understanding this?

Thanks Lunarclipper