Somebody help!

My computer crashed, but rebooted fine. I thought the system was fine, but I had a project open in Scrivener when the system crashed. Now that project won’t open, though my other projects are fine. When I try to open the file, it pops up a box that says that the file ‘Isn’t compatible with this version of Scrivener’. I tried reinstalling Scrivener, but the same error message popped up. Is there any way to fix this without having to go through the rtf files and rebuilding my project from that?

Hi Rin,

It sounds like one or more files in the Scrivener project got corrupted in the crash. First thing you can try is just checking the version.txt file–that may be the only important one that got hit, and fixing it will restore your project. Make a copy of your project’s entire .scriv folder, just for safety’s sake, then, try these steps:

  1. In File Explorer, open your project’s .scriv folder, then open the Files folder
  2. Open the “version.txt” file there in a plain-text editor (e.g. Notepad)
  3. In the editor, select all, type “16” (no quotes), then save

Then try opening the project again in Scrivener. If it works, huzzah. If not, you can right-click on the copied .scriv folder and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zip) file” and send that zip file to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com (if it’s 20MB or under) and I can take a look at it to see what we can do.

I did what you said with the version.txt file and my project is working fine now. Thank you so much! I was totally freaking out earlier.

Again, thank you!