Something besides purple

Is it possible to change the accent color to something besides purple in Catalina? I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Scrivener for long form writing. There is a sense of joy every time I open it and get writing. But the change to purple in Catalina is personally distracting. I realize I’m probably weird in this, but my writing environment needs not to have purple.

Accent colors are in the Mac OS System Preferences, under General.

Yes - but, that would be a system wide change. I just want to change the accent color in Scrivener.

I don’t think you can change the accent color to differ from the rest of the system. There are a lot of options for customizing the Scrivener colors, but I haven’t found one for that.

That’s just how macOS 11 works. If you leave the system setting to default, then every single program will have differently coloured buttons, and what that colour is remains up to the developer. If you don’t like how one or two programs look, then your only choice is to pick a colour that will be used consistently across all software.

Seems like a good choice to me, but then I’m of the mind that having every program with different button colours looks like amateur hour GUI design. I haven’t felt that unsettled by how an OS looks since using Linux in the late '90s, when every single program looked different. These days, some Linux configurations look more professionally put together than a Mac. So it goes. :mrgreen: