Something in the Folders?

I don’t know if this was addressed before or if this is normal, but when I open up Scrivener for the first time, a folder of mine shows a little text document tucked into it. But I never write directly on the folder, but always make a new text thing. When I click on the folder, I don’t see a document or anything written and the little slip of paper disappears and the folder’s just blank like it’s supposed to be.

Is this normal?

I’m not doing anything, but just opening Scrivener…

That doesn’t sound normal. When you disable the view mode for the folder (click on the highlighted view mode in the toolbar to view folder text), do you get any text? Check for whitespace too, like an newline or a space.

Sorry, but how do I disable view mode again? Is there a screen shot I could refer to?

Sorry… I’m sort of a fail with Scrivener sometimes…

With the folder selected in the binder, you want the pillbox in the toolbar to look like this:what you want.png

If the corkboard or outliner is selected, choose the paper icon on the far left. If it looks like multiple papers, like thisscrivenings.pngclick it again and it will switch to single-doc mode.

Once you’re there, try selecting View>Show Invisibles and double-check that there isn’t any content on the folder’s page in the editor.

There isn’t anything in the folder. Double checked and everything.