Something off with dragging to the project search

My opinion:
When dragging a word or selection of words to the project search, it should always make a copy of the selection, regardless of whether the alt key is held or not.

It’s not like we could potentially be trying to move it somewhere else.
The search field not actually being a place.

It is also unfortunate that holding the alt key, if it allows to make a copy of the selection dragging it from one place to another within a single document, it doesn’t work with a split editor, both showing the same document. (Say you’d have one editor showing the top of the document, the other the bottom. Alt+drag doesn’t work.)

Thank you.

Thanks, I’ve added a note to the existing ticket on this, as there are a few things that should be improved about this (such as setting that turns off cut behaviour entirely save for drags within the same text chunk).

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I didn’t quite get the last part, but then I suppose that whatever it does not quite as intended is not currently a problem to me, as otherwise I would have. :wink:

Thanks for all that you guys are doing. :slight_smile: