Something small

Can you add a “Created Date” column to the outliner? It could be helpful at times.


I have added it to the list of things to consider, but I can’t promise anything - sorry. I’m loathe to clutter the interface too much. If the Creation Date goes in the outliner, then it also has to go into the inspector. Also, I think that most users will not use the creation date, as you usually really only want to see the modification date. One thing you could do is just take a Snapshot of your document after you have created it. That way, you will always have the creation date available in the snapshots panel. Or, you could add the creation date to the notes or synopsis (if you add it to the synopsis, you will always be able to view it in the tooltip that appears over documents in the binder).

So, like I say, I’ll consider it, but it’s not actually as small as it seems. Hope you understand.

Thanks for your feedback,

And an ‘insert date’ feature complete with key combination, like for instance in MacJournal? This would make it possible to add a date at any point.

That would be a simple solution. :slight_smile: I’ve added it to the list, although I’m not quite sure how an “insert date” feature really fits into a writing app such as Scrivener. It makes sense as a feature in MacJournal, because you are more likely to want to insert the current date in a journal. That said, as Scrivener is a general writing app, I have added it to the list because it would be rather simple to implement.

Thank you for your suggestions,