Something that would be awesome… (Bug? Oversight?)

Working on a beta-read session, I converted a buddy’s draft into a .epub—getting the reading done on my Nook (the new one!) before beginning the red-pen work for her.

I have absolutely no complaints with that particular option, none at all.

I couldn’t help but notice the lack of a ‘reflowable’ option or similar in the options. As it stands, it complied to pretty much exactly as it appeared in the project. Which is nice—I was surprised at the WYSIWYG compile! But some may want to read at different sizes, or different line spacings, or different font faces (which can alter page ratios), and I noticed that none of my options were coming up to reflow, or resize.

For those of us looking for easy test-reading—or looking to self-publish outright—this would be an invaluable feature.

Thanks for listening to a nerd~

I think this is actually a bit of a bug at the moment. It should use the override settings that you establish in the Formatting compile option pane; right now it just ignores them as far as I can tell.

After testing everything in that pane one by one, it would appear that you’re right. Nothing is having any effect–better or worse. I tested the same project in Calibre and it worked—reflow and everything—in a single go (but it did eat my italics, which Scrivener did not). Could be a bug, could be oversight.

EDIT: 12:06 AM CDT: Upon …er, I’ve-lost-count-th glance, the options don’t seem to be there for the most part. All the standard things are there, and none of them have an effect on the output that appears on my Nook.

Yeah, you can run the exact same compile settings through RTF and get a reformatting document. I tried setting up something that turned everything into Helvetica just to make an obvious departure from the editor; compiled an RTF and it all came out in Helvetica. Then all I did was change the format to .epub and it reverted back to the editor formatting. So it appears to just be that the e-book stuff ignores the Formatting pane.