something wrong w LaTeX output


I’d like to be able to get some math into text using LaTeX. I write everything in Scrivener, am totally new to LaTeX and somewhat familiar with Markdown and have installed Sierra (10.12) just to be able to use the cool new Scrivener 3. As a first test I tried to compile the Tutorial. This worked on my mbp but not on an imac, both running Sierra 10.12.6 all updates made.

On the macbook pro, compiling the Scrivener 3 Tutorial using Compile for MMD -> LaTeX (.tex) with Convert rich text to MultiMarkdown checked creates a folder with .tex extension that contains a file Tutorial.tex that opens in TeXshop and can be typeset to produce a nice pdf which is as it should work, I suppose.

On the imac, compiling the same Tutorial creates a 264 KB file called Tutorial.tex that opens in nothing.

Not sure what I did wrong on the iMac. what I’d done on both computers was:

downloaded Scrivener 3
browsed the ScML guide … hp?t=17239
installed MacTeX-2017 from here md5 sum checked, ok
installed according to … arkdown%3F
MultiMarkdown-Mac-3.6.pkg from
MultiMarkdown-Support-Mac-3.6.pkg from same
downloaded peg-multimarkdown-latex-support-master from … ex-support and put its contents into ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex/mmd (creating all those folders and put the contents of peg… folder inside)
installed homebrew and pandoc (that’s more for references which would be good too at some point) as here and brew install pandoc

now I don’t know. any help appreciated.

Is it actually a file or is it a folder acting like a package? I note that when I compile the tutorial to .tex I get a folder with almost precisely that amount (262,653 bytes) on the disk. Could it be MacTeX 2017 comes with some software that configures Finder to treat a folder ending in “.tex” like a file—in the same manner that Scrivener causes Finder to cause folders ending in “.scriv” to act like files?

If so I would suspect a simple rename on the folder would suffice.

it was, thanks. When I right-click show package, it’s all there and typesettable. thanks a lot!