Something wrong with my full-screen view...

Hi. :slight_smile:
Something weird happened to my full screen mode.
Today, while working on a project, I switched to full-screen using the keyboard shortcuts. I might have clicked the wrong keys, 'cause I was looking at the monitor, not at the keyboard. Scrivener crashed. When I re-opened the project, Scrivener wouldn’t switch documents in the editor window (when I tried to switch between different documents in the binder, it kept showing the same document – the uppermost, i.e. the first, in the “Draft” folder)).
I restored a backup of the project I made yesterday when everything was working okay. Scrivener opened it, and I could switch between binder documents again, but the full-screen view was messed up (see attachment): the ruler keeps showing.
I uninstalled Scrivener with AppZapper, then reinstalled a newly downloaded version. Full Screen is still showing the ruler. :open_mouth:

And I bet someone’s gonna tell me, “oh, just click CMD+OPT+something and it’ll go away”. :blush: Sorry if it’s just something silly again. I just don’t know how to fix it. :confused:

I’m running out the door, so I apologize if the brevity comes out as flippant, but did you try just turning off the ruler while in full screen? cmd-R

Did I tell you that I owe you my firstborn?
Now I owe you two firstborns! :smiley: :smiley:

I was going to suggest that you start by getting Le D’s green etherial body out of your monitor.

I would be interested in how you have perfected cloning firstborns. Is it only firstborns that can be cloned?

Well, Jaysen, :smiley: cloning firstborns is a tricky business. It involves such things as chanting “Revolution 9” backwards, painting a pentagram on the living room floor with strawberry Jell-O, and headless chickens. I wouldn’t recommend it to the non-practicing chicken. Um, Wiccan.

But do you get to fry the chicken afterward? If so I know some southerners that might swing by for a for dinner. They will bring the mashed sweet-potatoes.


Well, it wasn’t all for nought: I used your screenshot to go to the source of your wallpaper and see a whole bunch of new fractals (new to me, anyway). Thanks!


Sure, I can handle fried. Tell 'em southern boys to come on over.

Welcome! :smiley: