Sometimes the extra keyboard Bar doesn't function

I just saw this, not sure how often it happens, iOS 9.3.3 iPad 2.

  • be in a document with the extra bar not showing, probably after fiddling with its show button above Backspace, not realizing what it was doing as attention was elsewhere. Probably the project and/or Scrivener was then closed.
  • so, you’ve re-opened Scrivener iOS and the project and document, editing with keyboard. You want the extra bar abilities, so you turn it on.
  • in my instance, none of the buttons function, in any set: no font coloring, no insertion of quotes, etc… Just tap one and nothing happens.

There you are, and best,

Later thought is that this of course could just be another iOS bug for early iPads.

If 9.3.3 might be making us spoiled as so many, and the lag, have gone away…

Cheers, guys…

I’d also check to see if it persists beyond restarting the app. That sounds like the kind of thing that might happen if at some point in the past some minor error occurred in the running instance.

Not sure if this has been reported yet, but I’ve discovered that using the ‘lookup’ feature to see the definition of a word causes the extra keyboard to disappear when you close the lookup window. It’s fixed by a couple of taps on the extra keyboard control button (iPad), but just thought it was worth a mention. I couldn’t work out why it was randomly disappearing!

Happens to me as well (iPhone 6s, iOS 10.0.1), closing the editor and re-opening it restores the keyboard bar.

P.S. Just updated to iOS 10.0.2, same behavior.

So this one turned out to be an iOS bug, and an older one at that (iOS 7). To be clear we’re using standard interface toolkit here for both of these ingredients, one Apple feature breaking another, and so we have reported it to Apple as a bug. There might be a workaround, as it looks like some other programs are handling it fine.

Sorry the inconvenience in the meanwhile!

Actually I don’t think it’s an older bug. When I emailed you yesterday, I said “iOS 7”, but it was late and I was mixing up iOS 10 and iPhone 7 - I meant iOS 10!

But yes, as Ioa says, this is an iOS bug and I have sent Apple a bug report along with a sample product that reproduces the problem so that they can see it for themselves. I’m waiting to see if they reply before trying to implement a workaround, because workarounds are quite tough given what that row needs to do.

Hi KB,

Great to have an iOS update, much appreciated. Any word on Scrivener 3??? I guess apple hasn’t managed to fix the extended keyboard bug I mentioned above. Any chance of a workaround?