I am in the process of converting many years of lyrics from notebooks, napkins and hundreds of those little notepads from hotels, you get the picture. As far as success goes I have one song recorded by Peter Rowan. It is on his 2011 Grammy Nominated CD “Legacy” . Track #4 The Raven .It is a Co-write with Peter , his music my lyrics. There are others but none with this kind of success.
I have also become inspired by Scrivener to write a novel. For years friends have asked me to write a book about my life on the road but that is not happening not yet anyway. I have enjoyed learning Scrivener . I use a Macbook a desktop mac, Ipad2 along with, Simplenote, Dropbox, Skitch, Index Cards Apps.

Warren Weldon

Hi there Warren, and welcome to the forum.

How do you normally go about your co-writes? I write a lot of music and a few lyrics but haven’t ventured into the world of collaboration yet (we all turn up to my band with fully formed songs with the collaborative side basically reserved for arranging).

Hi Guys,
Not so long ago I started piano lessons for a bit of a distraction, and my teacher keeps encouraging me to write my own songs, which is a bit of fun but absolutely nerve-racking as well (even though I never intend for them to leave my house).

Anyway, onto my question…

Do you know of any songwriters forums around that are a bit like these Scrivener forums… I.e. Good community, tolerant of absolute beginners like me, interesting conversations, and a reasonably small amount of ego, trolling, etc.

I have absolutely no ambitions other than having fun, but I am eager to learn.


Hey Matt,

RPM is the songwriting equivalent of NaNoWriMo and is taking place right now. Record an album of either 10 songs or 35 minutes of new material during the month of February. They also give regular challenges throughout the year to try and inspire. They also have a discussion forum which might be worth a look, at least as a springboard to other sites and resources. … re=related
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