Soooo Sloooooooow...

Greetings All!

I’m putting together character dossier files for a story I’m writing. Everything was going great until I decided to insert pictures to represent the characters.

The folders are:
(Text file for each character)

Within the Text file I chose: Edit -> Insert -> Image from File

The picture inserted properly, but once it did anything I typed showed up one character at a time at a maddeningly slow pace, and the entire program reacted slowly. I tried the same thing in MS Word with the same image file and the program did not slow down at all (so it is not a problem with the image or the computer).

I deleted the images and the program was still lagging like crazy. When I closed and reopened Scrivener I could go into the project and type at a normal speed, even after re-inserting the image.

Not sure what’s caused the lagging, but figured I’d let you know.

Extreme typing lag is a known issue. Doesn’t seem to have anything to do with system speed, but has been reported in cases where graphics are inserted into the text, and also in cases where splits are being used. As you noted, a simple restart clears the problem.

Obviously, fixing this bug is a high priority. :slight_smile:

I’m glad to know that the typing lag is a known issue. I’ve created a file under the Research section for some notes for my main character. It took a long time for words to display. Won’t bother reporting this as a bug since it’s a known issue.

Okay…fast forward three years and I’m having the same problem and I just bought the software–still a bug? I closed the program and restarted it…still not working. Do I need to restart my entire computer? Very annoying. If I can’t keep a split screen while writing, what is the f!%!$@@$ of all the functionality?

I hope to hell there’s a fix to this. I wrote directly to tech support. Fingers crossed. For now, I’ll restart my computer…sigh