sorcerer's apprentice files replicate[NASTY BUG LOGGED]

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I created a folder and a couple of subfolder for my project

I tried the program (on James Fallows recommendation) - found it awkward - wordprocessing formatting functions too limited (e.g. footnotes not numbered double-indent block quote not available).

Also I found the file and folder creation functions confusing.

I ended up copying the document I had created into my wordprocessing program (WordPerfect).

I tried to synchronize my files with my thumb drive and got an error message - path too long

I found the file and saw the system had created multiple layers of files like this.

I got error messages like “path too long for trash” - and so could not be deleted

A path looks like this


Now I can’t delete the file nor synchronize my files - I get the path too long error message or just can’t delete the files.

Our tech support could not unlock the files - and reports that even though the scrivener program was uninstalled some files continue to copy themselves!

What can I do to delete these files? And why did the program create these nested folders?

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You posted in the Mac forum, but I think you are using the Windows version–which is beta software and for which bugs are expected.

Yes - James Fallows uses the Mac version which has been in development for several years and has been refined greatly over that period. You are using a very, very early beta version of the Windows version. A “beta” is software that still has things that need finishing, and which is offered to users for testing. You should not use a beta unless you are happy to put up with bugs and report them (that’s why betas are free for use while in testing).

You may wish to wait until next year when the Windows version goes on sale and is out of beta-testing.

I’m moving this to the Windows forum where this belongs, as this is the Mac part of the forum.


Kevin -

Thanks for your message.

But we really have a problem: we CANNOT delete that file which replicated itself many times - and it is causing our file synchronization program to crash.

We need to get rid of that file!

  • George Conk

[b]This is the report I got from tech support. We still cannot delte the files because they replicate themselves.
We therefore cannot synch data across drives because of the impremissibly long file names the scrivener files have.

I was able to delete the subfolders, however they always recreate themselves. There are definitely traces of the program still left over which do not allow those folders to delete. I tried the command prompt method and that also did not work. I went into the computer’s registry and deleted any scrivener related registry keys, but I’m sure there are more registry values in there (I could only delete the ones with the name scrivener in them, but there could also be more keys that do not use the name scrivener.)

I looked at your post on the scrivener forums, I recommend posting my findings on there and see what they say. Also, can I ask how you went about uninstalling scrivener? The uninstall should have deleted the leftover scrivener folders, however it did not. I left the folder hidden but its still there. The folder is currently hidden in the M drive and named t3

What next?[/b]

I had a similar report where a user had nested or rather saved scrivener projects within scrivener projects which resulted in similar behavior. I know there is a bug with not checking for this in the first place and preventing it. There is also another bug to check for invalid characters and length of file names. I’m not sure, given the information you provided, if this is the case for you?

Windows has special problems dealing with extra long path/filenames. If the combination of the path and file names are longer than ~255 characters Windows will not handle it well if you try to delete or rename it (you can create it but not change it). While there are programs that can handle names that long or longer (e.g., FileBoss) the first thing to try would be to rename some of the folders that lead up to the file itself. Back the directory display up one level and then select and rename the folder the file is in. Try a single letter. Then, go back to the file and see if Windows then allows you to rename or delete it. If not, go back yet another folder and rename that one and so forth. At some point you should be able to find a series of reduced-length folder names that allow you to then rename the offending file to a short enough name to allow you to then recreate the original directory tree and still work with the file in question.

Regardless, there are special programs for deleting files/folders that might help you:

You might like to try Delinv -

or here are some others.

Delete FXP Files



Please read this post for solution to getting rid of these files.