sorcerer's apprentice - files replicate themselves

I created a folder and a couple of subfolder for my project

I tried the program (on James Fallows recommendation) - found it awkward - wordprocessing formatting functions too limited (e.g. footnotes not numbered double-indent block quote not available).

Also I found the file and folder creation functions confusing.

I ended up copying the document I had created into my wordprocessing program (WordPerfect).

I tried to synchronize my files with my thumb drive and got an error message - path too long

I found the file and saw the system had created multiple layers of files like this.

I got error messages like “path too long for trash” - and so could not be deleted

A path looks like this


Now I can’t delete the file nor synchronize my files - I get the path too long error message or just can’t delete the files.

Our tech support could not unlock the files - and reports that even though the scrivener program was uninstalled some files continue to copy themselves!

What can I do to delete these files? And why did the program create these nested folders?

  • George Conk