Sort Binder files?

I see how to sort the Binder files in the in the Outline View (i.e. add a “Created Date” column and then sort it) but how do I sort in the regular Binder sidebar? I’m keeping a journal and it would be terribly useful if I could sort it (or if it would automatically sort itself) rather than manually maintaining the sort order.

I’m just getting used to Scrivener. Am I missing something?

Or is there a better approach to a journal within Scrivener?


O.K., just found a partial answer. Sort of non-intuitive but basically you just sort in the Outliner or Corkbaord and drag the entries back to the Binder.

I aslo see that if you have “Draft” selected in the Binder (rather than one of the documents within) it will automatically place the new document at the bottom of your other documents.

That’s most of the way there. Any way to have the Binder maintain a sorted order automatically?


Sorry, no. For most applications, sorting the Binder would be disastrously awful. It’s not something we want users to be able to do by mistake.


That’s a bummer. Seems it would be very useful to have for journaling use. Much of my own writing starts off as a journal entry gone wild…

Of course, you could have an “unsorted” option which would return the sort to the “natural” order as created/chosen by the user. So nothing is lost.

Is there still time to implement it in the first release of Version 3? :slight_smile:


I think that’s why it’s a feature of the Outliner - there you can sort by any sequence you wish WITHOUT affecting the Binder. The Binder is meant to be fluid and changeable, as much or as little as you like. If it was sortable it would - from what I have learned so far - run counter to the whole philosophy of Scrivener.

There are journalling applications like Evernote, or Mariner Software’s MacJournal. Maybe something like that would suit your journal better?

I have tried journaling programs. They are fine. But I’m trying to move everything to one program, as much as possible. Too much, too scattered, too easy to lose things.

My ideal is a DAM for writers. I’m a photographer–a DAM is a “Digital Asset Manager”–which keeps track of all your photo and video files. It doesn’t care what format they are in and you can edit them within the DAM or use an external editor via the DAM, which then saves and presents the edited version (and preserves the original, too). Aperture and Lightroom are two examples.

Scrivener is the nearest thing I have found. It would seem to have everything you might need for a journaling program except the sorting possibility. (And, as I said before, the program wouldn’t need to forget the “natural order” of the files in the Binder. Just present them in different orders depending on the needs of the writer, always preserving the option to return to the “natural order.”)

Just thinking out loud–and trying to learn one writing program well versus scattering work across different environments…


The Outliner and the Collections feature are the two mechanisms for this in Scrivener.


As Katherine says, you should definitely look into the Collections feature. Sounds like it’s very close to what you’re looking for.