Sort by column header and view keywords in outliner

I’m a few days into the 30-day trial. I was certainly going to buy, and probably still will, but the lack of these features in Windows is a major workflow drag. I understand the latter is in the process of being added. I didn’t find any discussion on adding the former, but hopefully you will consider it.

In case the subject wasn’t clear, the first request is for the ability to sort by column headers when viewing items in the outliner view (an intuitive feature present in the Apple version). As far as I know, no plans exist to add this; hopefully I’m wrong.

The second request is that the keyword variable be allowed to manifest in the outliner view in the Windows version. From a search of other forums, it appears this is in the works (hopefully I’m right).

Thanks for reading.

Both those features are available in the next Windows version, currently in very late Beta. If you buy the current version, then you’ll get the new release for no extra cost when it is released.