Sort by Wordcount/Total Wordcount etc - bugs

I wanted to pick all the scenes I added that have <100 words and so I sorted by Wordcount in Outline.
I assumed that folders will have 0 and so be sorted up, too, so that’s OK.
What is not OK is… this:

Yellow marker - files that have words but are sorted up as if they were empty.
Red line - where correct sorting starts.
How does soring work here?
Sorting by Target works just fine.
Sorting by Total Words:

What it seems to be doing is sorting:
The manuscript folder
First part - “Lojalność” + two folders that are in the first part
One 0 word document in that first part (while this part in total is 20+ documents)
Second part + folders in normal order, not by size
Third part + folders same (probably, but it’s both normal order and size)
All documents from all three parts, now sorted by total ascending.
I added a new empty document in one of the folders in Part 2 to make a test. It seems that 0 word documents show inside their containing folders, while anything >0 wordcount sorts at the bottom of the list. This seems counterintuitive, to say the least.
(but I still have no idea what is the logic - even if buggy - behind the Wordcount sort)

Sorting by Total Target doesn’t do anything.

Shouldn’t all these be somewhat consistent? And even if not, just the bug with 0 word documents not sorting with their fellows could benefit from some attention.