Sort/classifie what you write according to tags/keywords/col

Hello I’m new here and I’m wondering if there is a way to sort/classifie what you write according to tags/keywords/colors/icons. Say you write something, tag it and it automatically sorts and classifies the part you just wrote into its most suited category/chapter. Let’s say I have a movie script idea, I write moviescript somewhere in the sentence, or I click a film icon or a predefined tag and this idea will go under the movie scripts section by itself, which would be sorted by chronological order.
Any way to do such thing?


There are two pieces of documentation I would direct you to:

  • §8.3 “Using Collections” (pg. 66). Collections are a lists of items you can keep. There are two types: those you sort and curate manually, and those which are generated via some search result. The latter sounds more like what you are looking for. They are discussed in §8.3.3.
  • Of course knowing how best to use the project search tool will help you set up the query that you’ll use to save as a search result collection. You’ll want to read up on that in §20.1.2.