Sort Comments by Color and other Comment Wants

It would so useful to be able to view comments one color at a time, or check which colors I want to view. This would save a lot of scrolling when there are many comments.

Having numbered comments would also be very helpful. I work with a partner, and being able to say “look at Comment 17” would be a lot easier than saying “look at the third green comment after the red one” or whatever.

Would it be possible to have the option of adding more comment colors? I know that I can change the existing colors, but I would like to add a few more total.

Can’t really remark on colors, but if you want numbered comments could you not just number them yourself?

I suppose I could, but then any time a new comment is added in the middle, the numbering would get screwed up.

i would remove the idea of sequential numbering…

Use a date/time sequence for your indexing. When a comment is added look at the clock and put the sequence in. If you use something like 140313130630 (YYMMDDHHmmSS) you could add one comment a second. if your project will never last more than a year drop the first two digits. If you are certain you will never add two comments in a minute drop the last two.

That would provide an intuitive tracking and indexing system that is not based on a direct linear relationship between individual comments.

For the record, this is a direct rip off of Ioa’s (AmberV) method for journaling information. Stollen with no shame because it is a very effective method.

Thanks, Jaysen, but we want the comments numbered serially. It’s their position in the manuscript that has meaning when we’re collaborating, much more than when they were added. (And Scrivener already datestamps comments; you just have to remember to arrow-over before you start typing.)

We’re thinking of maybe numbering them like lines in an old BASIC program: 10, 20, 30, … That way if we want to stick one in between we have room in our numbering scheme.

But this is a shining example of why we have computers – it’d still be great if the application could number/renumber them automatically.

Being able to expand the colors (or categories) would also seriously rock.

That’s a pretty good idea, I may have to implement something like that in my next project.

Well, there is a simple solution to that. :wink: If you added a comment between say 10 and 11 you could make it 10b that way it wouldn’t screw up your numbering.