Sort of lost document

Somehow I did something so that I can only access my document by going to the corkboard and selecting my first index card, then going full-screen. If I try to find it any other way I get a blank page. Any advice? It isn’t a huge deal, but it’s disconcerting.


Might the text colour be accidentally set to white (assuming your paper colour is white in standard editor?) Full screen is set up to override the default colour and thus would not exhibit this problem. Your text might be there—it’s just not visible. Try placing the cursor in the text editor and pressing Cmd-A. If you can see “ghosted” text in the selection, tap in Cmd-Shift-C and set the colour to black.

Another thing that might be happening, from what you are describing it almost sounds like you are actually viewing the text for the folder in which the index card is placed. If you turn off the Corkboard (button in the toolbar) and you see text, that means it’s in the container, not the index card. Scrivener lets you put text and notes practically everywhere, this can be a little confusing at first if you aren’t aware of how everything integrates, but can be quite useful once you get the hang of it.

The font didn’t change color, I checked that out. When I turn off the corkboard at the top I get a blank “untitled” page with zero characters. I try cycling through using the arrows, but all I have is this blank doc. I guess somehow the entire document is on that first index card, although when I started writing it was not. Maybe I will just copy and paste it back into the “untitled” document? Pretty frustrating trial run so far…

Have you gone through the tutorial yet? It can help a lot as there are some basic concepts relating to how index cards are associated with documents and so forth that can clear confusions.

When you are looking at the corkboard you are looking at the subdocuments of whatever is selected in the binder. If you turn off the corkboard (by clicking on the icon), you will see the text contents of the selected document. In your case, you are looking at the subdocuments of the folder, then turning off the corkboard to see the text inside the folder, when there is none - you want to open the document inside the folder. Just open the folder in the binder and click on the document you want to open.

As Amber points out, this is a fundamental and basic concept of Scrivener, so it’s important to understand it. Go through the tutorial and also check out the “Getting Started” section of the Help file, as this will cover everything you need to know about this.

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