Sort Option in Outliner (windows)

Outliner does not allow to arrange and sort columns in Windows as I heard it does in the Mac version… Why is that? its an extremely important feature when dealing with large quantities of tags and information. Without it, the outliner becomes kind of useless.

Why are windows versions always so behind the Mac ones? it’s just unfair for us windows users.

Rule number 5 of the “BEFORE POSTING…” thread that you were supposed to read before posting:

“5. All features of the Mac version are planned for inclusion in the Windows version. We can’t provide any specific dates, but anything you see in the Mac version will be coming to the Windows version if it’s not there already. Therefore please do not post asking for features from the Mac to be made available for Windows.”

Freeform corkboard mode IS coming to Windows. But converting a program to a different OS is not as simple as simply copy&pasting.

I read the “rules for posting” beforehand.
i just wanted to draw your attention to the importance of this feature, as especially relevant and “urgent” (to me, at least). Plus, i wanted to let you know that we, Windows users, sometimes feel like we are left behind.
If there is any other way for us to express our concerns freely, please let us know.

And understand that we are “users” (+ customer, in my case) of the software and do not always have the time to wander around the forum looking for the exact place where it is suitable to post and give feedback.

Please note that MJHawthorne is also a user, and does not represent the official position of Literature & Latte.

Yes, we do intend to bring the Windows version to full feature parity with the Mac version. No, we are not able to offer a timeline for any specific feature.


I do understand.
I think your software is just great and I know it will get even better. And obviously that takes time.

My post was just my two cents on the “windows” thing.

Thanks for your work and for replying.