sort Substitutions by name

Hello, everybody.

have some way of sort the inserted substitutions, in Correction, by name?
currently, the scrivener sort by date of insertion

If I understood correctly your question, you are asking if you can sort by name the : “Edit Substitutions…” list in the Corrections tab of Options ?
In which case, I don’t think you can (especially given that there can be a lot of ‘special’ characters) ; but you can move around individual substitutions with the up and down arrows.

yes, Xel. the list.
I’ve many entries, over 200 there.
I was thinking if I could make that editing some code file.

You can’t.

Unfortunately, the substitution list is stored in the Windows registry.

cimerio, this is really the same issue as the one we discussed back in April. I am totally on your side with this, but I don’t think we are going to get what we want.

thank you, everybody