Sort - suggestions please

For a local history society I’ve founded, I’m researching information and writing content for its website. Also, I’ve been commissioned to write/author a book with photos about the town as one of a national series of books along the same lines.

I know that the Sort command only works either on the research (top) folder or a folder within that top folder. In answer to another question from someone else - topic: “Date metadata, Ourliner (sic) sort, and folders” - it was said that Sort works best on a flat list.

At present, to organise the information, where there is more than 1 items relating to each topic I create a new folder for that topic, then add items to that folder. Where there is only 1 item I leave it as is.

All new items are added at random. Having now learned how to create a keyboard shortcut for sort to ascend, re-ordering items is quick but what I’m wondering is whether it would better or more efficient to not bother with folders at all, but simply a flat list of all items, which would enable finding at a glance and avoid having to remember in which folder I have put an item whose description is unmemorable. (I realise I can search, but search is not always as quick as a glance!) To ensure a.b,c order for sorting I prefix the item with a letter or two, for example for Street Names, I’d put SN - High Street, SN - The Avenue, and so on. And for the address number in High Street, 1 - High Street, 2- High Street, or maybe 01, 02, and so on.

Would a flat list be better? I’d be interested in knowing what others do or would do. Thank you.

If you keyword each item as you add it, then create a Collection (which will be a flat list) from the keyworded items, sort the Collection and save it, you could keep your research in folders.