Any chance please of including a Sort icon on the toolbar, also with a Preference option for Ascending. Descending and Shuffle? I find it a real fiddle to have to click Documents>Sort>Ascending every time I add a new item or folder to a project, which I do frequently. Manually re-ordering is not satisfactory, when you have a long list and have to scroll up and down. Thanks.

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No, because this would direct users towards this “destructive” sort feature, which nine times out of ten they won’t want to use. It would highlight the feature too much, essentially.

But a much simpler solution for you would be to use System Preferences to assign keyboard shortcuts to these items, so that you can invoke them with a key combination rather than going through the menus.

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Noted, thank you.
Using System Preferences, as you suggest, I have added Scrivener to applications and then assigned a keyboard shortcut for Sort and it’s now shown on menu but it won’t work because I can’t see how to specify Sort >Ascending.

It would be appreciated please if you would provide step-by-step guidance on what I should do. Thank you.

(iMac, Mac OS X v10.6.8)

Here are the full instructions for assigning keyboard shortcuts, although it looks as though you’ve already figured out that part: … er-for-mac

You need to assign shortcuts to “Ascending”, “Descending” and “Shuffle”, not to “Sort”, though, as “Sort” is just the name of a submenu, not a command in itself.

Thank you. Works really well. I’ll post a question re sorting on another topic.