Sorting as first use

I have been stuck for years, wondering if Scrivener can help or only complicate the first chore I bought it for. I have a large collection of sentences and short paragraphs that I want to sort into topic folders. Some will go into more than one, and some topics and sub-topics will be created as I go. I’ve been reading the instructions until I’m cross-eyed, but it does not mean anything until I see it working. I get the impression that Scrivener can’t do anything until I write a description of each sentence.
Another user thinks that I just don’t understand the jargon to find the function I want. Physically, I’d just sort index cards and copies of them into an array of boxes, Is there any similar option here?

  1. Download and install the latest version of Scrivener.

  2. Get the text into Scrivener by any convenient method.

2a. Make a backup, which will allow you to make as much of a mess as you like and still get back to where you were.

  1. Split the items into chunks of whatever size seems appropriate to you.

Given this information, Scrivener will auto-fill titles and synopses for each item. You can replace these “placeholders” if you like, but you don’t need to in order to proceed with

  1. Using the Outline or Corkboard view, sort related items into whatever groupings make sense to you. You can either create folders first and sort into them directly, or create “clusters” of related items and then create folders once you see what the topics are.

Are you trying to build a zettelkasten note system? This is a note-management system that takes short or long bits of text, and then relates them to each other by hyperlink. (It’s like folders, but an idea can be linked to many other documents at once – it can only be inside of one folder.)

Scrivener can be wrestled into operating a ZK system, but it’s a bit of a struggle.

Have you looked at Hypernotes? it’s a free ZK system that might be closer to what you need.