sorting... before I do something dumb.

I tested this and think it works as I want, but just to confirm. If I select a folder and then use Document/Sort, the sorting is only done within that folder. Correct?

Yes, Documents > Sort applies to the selected folder in the binder or outliner. If your focus is in the corkboard showing a container’s subdocuments, it will apply to the loaded container, regardless of the selection on the corkboard, since the corkboard doesn’t show any hierarchy. You can similarly sort the top level of the loaded container in the outliner by focussing in the outliner without any selection there.

My reading and a test told me that was how it worked: limited to the folder (and its descendants) selected in the binder. I realized Scrivener was an excellent place to keep not only the work of fiction, but the activities involved in promoting it. (But I was terrified of resorting my book due to misreading the manual!) Thanks !