Sorting Bookmarks in the Inspector

Is it possible to sort project and document bookmarks in the inspector?
In both cases I have many internal and external references, and the lack of their being sorted in the inspector has become a nuissance.
Many thanks for any help

You can sort them manually by click, drag and drop. I don’t think there’s another way.

Many thanks for your answer.
From now on I will have to drag and drop each new bookmak as soon as I enter it. Not very handy; even less if I try to do it for the already existing bookmarks. It would be so helpful to have the possibility of sorting bookmarks in the inspector via a menu and/or a shortcut.
Thnks again.

This is a definite desideratum. Would really like to automatically sort my bookmarks into alphabetical order so that I can quickly find them.

Edit > Sort.

tip: Edit>Sort can also be used to sort the keywords in the keywords panel.

Simply highlight (click) the keyword at the top of the list before Edit>Sort.

The Sort A-Z options are Ascending or Descending.

Every so often I sort the keywords in the panel to manually weed out duplicates, correct misspelling, and change a keyword. The panel won’t allow deletion of a keyword if that particular keyword is still in an inspector but highlighting the keyword then clicking the search icon will result in all the same keywords showing, whereupon they can be manually deleted from each inspector.

Thank you.