Sorting Collections


I’d love to be able to order Collections, in the side bar, in a more flexible way than currently seems possible (Note: I’m running Windows v3, and I have no idea how that differs from the Mac).

I’ve read posts about changing sidebar order by sorting in the Outliner then dragging back to a new Collection, but I can’t make it work. The new sort order doesn’t get transferred. Possibly that’s a Windows limitation, or maybe the functionality has been deprecated?

What I’d personally love, for both Fixed and Dynamic Collections, is the chance to sort, in the sidebar, by any field (not just Title or Date Created). My particular need is to sort by a metadata Start Date, where the set of documents to sort is a Chronological Event List independent of the actual Manuscript.

I know I can use the hooked arrow to pop documents into an editor and order in the Outliner. But having the sidebar sortable would free up the editor, and keep my brain from exploding because events are out of order.

I hope this all makes sense, and I haven’t failed to find a previous rejection of these notions. Thanks for reading, and for all the hard work.

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I’ve got a similar request: ability to sort search results by custom metadata field (date of an event).


This is a known issue that remains to be implemented. It’s a really old one in fact that goes way back to the very beginning, I think. And yes, it should also be possible to sort things however you want in a standard collection and then drag the results of that into a folder to gather them there in the order they exist in the collection—that was one of the founding ideas behind the collections feature in fact: to give one a place to experiment with alternate orderings of text and then implement them.