Sorting collections

This doesn’t seem to have been raised here, though it’s popped up on the Windows forum.

I need ideally to sort documents in a collection by something other than name, label or status. For example, a collection which displays every document I’ve written on * in the order in which I wrote them.

I can sort of do this via the outline pane but it’s by no means ideal and goes tits-up when I close the outline. I suppose I could start a new collection, drag the date-sorted outline into it, then ditch the original one. But it’s a kludge.

Usual caveats (am I missing something? Being stupid? Not having RTFM properly?) but wouldn’t this be quite a handy feature, if it doesn’t already exist and I just haven’t found it?

Hi Michael,

You should just be able to use the outliner to sort the documents, then select everything in the outliner and drag back into the original collection to have everything sorted. However, having just tested this, it doesn’t work (as you’ve no doubt found out) - it always ends up getting dropped in binder order. This is a bug, and I’ve added it to my list to fix in the update I’ll be working on after Christmas.

Thanks and all the best,

Yup, that’s what I meant by the technical term “tits-up”.

Happy christmas* to you and the team.


*lower-case “c” intentional in memoriam Hitch.