Sorting columns in outline view

I NEED to sort columns in outline view. What’s preventing that functionality in the Windows version, and What would it take to get it added? Viewing items by created date and modified is VITALLY important to me.

This is already on the list for future implementation, as mentioned in the Wish List forum. I understand it is important to you, but I hope you can likewise understand that every other wish or yet-to-be-implemented feature is important to some other user. Everyone has their priority wishes, and we’re not able to get everything into the program immediately. Outliner sorting, along with other 2.x Mac features, will be coming in the next major update.

It is possible now to export outliner data to CSV and some other formats, which you could then import to spreadsheet software for sorting and such. Would that help? If not, and if this is critical for your work, then I’d just recommend signing up for the low-volume Windows newsletter (toward the bottom of this webpage) to be alerted when Windows 2.0 is released so you can take another look at the program then and see if it meets your needs. Naturally we’d love it if you decided to use Scrivener as it is, but we certainly recognise it won’t suit everyone!

Thanks for yoru reply, MM. I honestly didn’t mean to be pushy or anything. I thought posting here would be more appropriate, and less obtrusive. I’m honestly interested in what technical limitation prevented it from being implemented, but I totally get that a random noob isn’t the guiding source for evelopment. :slight_smile:

Exporting the data like that in a spreadsheet though, That WOULD be pretty useful… how might I do this? I’m not very good at spreadsheets at all, but I can probably figure it out eventually.

Are there any indications of how far off 2.0 is? a few months, a year, 5 years?

Cheers, and have a great weekend.

No problem, Lionside! And like I said, I do understand that you’re eager for the outliner sorting. It’s a matter of prioritising time and resources (we have essentially a one and a half person team coding Scrivener for Windows), the limitations of the framework used and the existing code (so how much has to be worked around, custom-coded, or ripped out and redone), and what fits in with the current features and things that are coming–some features are going to expand to work with other new features that will be coming so it makes sense to work on them all together for the best integration, and it’s just not possible or practical to do all of that for a minor update.

Right now the biggest thing we’re working on is getting the desktop programs ready for syncing with the mobile version so that everything is ready to go when the iOS version is released, which we’re expecting in the second half of next year. Work on the 2.0 version is already underway, though in the very early stages, so although I can’t really give a date yet, I’d say definitely more than a few months but closer to one year than five. :slight_smile:

I just realised I forgot to explain the outliner export options. Sorry about that! All you need to do is load the documents in the outliner as usual, set up the columns you want via View > Outliner Columns, and then click into the editor to focus it and choose File > Export > Outliner Contents as CSV. You can choose from a few different formats and whether to export all the outliner columns or just the visible ones.

Thank you very much for your response, once again. You were helpful and informative. If I ever switch over to a Mac, I’ll jump right on Scrivener, and I’ll keep an eye out for the email alert for the next version. I’m having a look at the “links” list of software right now. I’ve never seen a company do that. You guys are truly awesome.