Sorting Found Tables

Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, I couldn’t find any reference to this issue in the faq or forum.

Is sorting by clicking label and status column headers in a found set actually supposed to work in Beta 5? As far I can tell items sort arbitrarily or by order of creation of the label/status. One would hope that they would sort by the order established in label and Status setup, but even alphabetical sorts would be better than this. Is this just not implemented yet?

While I’m at it, column headers in outlines react visually to clicks by darkening but seem to have no function- perhaps they should be made more visually static?


Hi Eiron, good questions both, but their answers belong in a future featureset, I’m afraid. To elaborate:

Label and status lists have internal numbers that represent them. This is opaque to the user, admittedly. So when you click on the columns, they get sorted by that internal number - this is just the default behaviour of OS X table views. I am sure I can override that behaviour, but it’s low priority. At least for now you can view your labels and status items altogether by clicking on the column headers, even if the order is not obvious. I have added it to my post-1.0 list for attention, but for now just know that it is standard internal behaviour, just not so obvious for users. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, this is just how column headers in OS X work. Not much I can do about this. Sorry.


Salut Keith,

I figured that’s what was going on…so I spent a little time making a fresh file with my longish status/label lists carefully created in the order I want, then importing and adjusting. As long as I don’t change my mind (ha!) all should work as God intended.

For metadata freaks like me, however, it might be useful to have a caveat in the help file noting this issue. A more serious complaint might come from people surprised to see their settings change when they drag a doc from one project to another that has somewhat different status/label lists.

As for the second point, I don’t personally mind, but thought the UI police might.