Sorting in Outline Mode based on Date and ignoring Folder Hierarchy

I don’t see a way of ignoring the folder structure when sorting in Outline Mode for my Date column. Which really strikes me as odd since I can have out of order chronology nested throughout the folder structure of the book. As it is now, I get a sort that forces the chronology into the existing order of the folders.

Is there a way of sorting and ignoring the folders so I just get a list of documents (scenes) sorted based on a column (all of the folders can be stuck at the bottom or omitted entirely)?

As a work around, I removed the nesting hierarchy of my book. I kept the folders and use them as visual aids only. With this flat arrangement, I can sort the scenes properly. But I can’t collapse anything, of course.

Thank you!

The selection of documents you see in the Outliner doesn’t have to be contiguous — it can reflect just the documents you’ve selected in the Binder.

So the first answer which springs to mind is that you can simply select all the scenes in the Binder, ignoring folders, and that will give you them in a flat online, which you can sort by date.

But it would be tedious --and it’s exactly the sort of thing Collections are for.

I presume that you have all your scenes allocated to be of a certain Section Type (eg “Scene” or “Section” etc). [If you haven’t, then choose another criterion which they all share (eg label, status etc).]

Then cmd-shift-f and pull down the little arrow by the magnifying glass to select Section Type and enter “Scene” or whatever), which will list them all in the Search Results. Click on the magnifying glass again and > ‘Save Search as Collection’ and name it as Scenes.

If you click on the right-arrow next to ‘Scenes’ in the collection bar (the popup says ‘Show the content of the current list in the current editor’) you’ll get an outline (or corkboard) view of the entire collection, which you can add columns to and sort on as normal.


(BTW, if the discussion of Section Types doesn’t mean anything yet, then it would a good idea to look at the Interactive Tutorial as Section Types are a fundamental part of Version 3 which you will need when you come to compilation.)

Your technique of using the Section Type to search and then create a Saved Collection (without folders) worked great. I can now sort in outliner mode any way I like without having to worry about the folder hierarchy. Thanks for responding so promptly. Happy Holidays!