sorting in outliner


I’m trying to understand how / if sorting works with metadata like labels, keywords, status, etc.

I’ have a similar post in the wish list forum, just in case this is the wrong place.

I was working in outliner mode, and intuitively I clicked on the label column. I expected it to re-sort around those label tags, but nothing happened. I found a post that explained why it can’t–because it would obliterate the outline as manually constructed in the binder.

But the ability to say, sort by status in the outline view to see what needs to written / re-written would be incredibly handy. I guess don’t see the point of including metadata like labels, status, keywords, etc if you can’t use that data to sort your messy pile of material.

Soooo, I’m wondering if I’m missing something. Is it possible to use the meta-data to sort/find within Scrivener? Or would I have to export it to text file and drop it into excel?



BTW: Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this issue!

Hi, I replied to your other thread on the same thing, but basically you can use the search function to search only by any of the meta-data to get a list of items that only match, say, the “John” label or whatever.
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