Sorting in the Binder

I have been trying to port my diary to Scrivener, and would like to sort the entries by Title. Sorting the entires in Outliner works well. However, when I try to sort entries in the Binder they seem to follow a logic of their own. See screenshot. Both were sorted in descending order.

I’m having the same issue too.

What method are you using to sort in the binder? I’m sorting in outliner mode, then select-all and dragging back to the binder. Unfortunately, this only works if you want every item in a folder sorted, not just a subset.

Hope someone chimes in with some good ideas!


How did you go about the sort? I just tried this using Documents > Sort > Descending and it worked fine, in the proper order, which is clearly not the case in the screenshot. I even tried entering the exact titles you have there, as you can see:

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That is precisely what I did. Another strange behavior: if I repeat the command the items reverse their order, but this order is also not correct. Redacted file attached
Edit: attachment removed

D’oh! Thanks for the test project. On further testing I could reproduce it and it was down to a silly error in a single line of code. I’ve fixed it for 2.0.3 which I’m aiming to get out late this week.

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I’m interested in the Peg for Transporters and the Castro interview.
Sure you are not a novelist or screen writer?? :open_mouth:

Not even close. Purely non-fiction. Neuroscience,to be precise.