Sorting items: could be solved by Applescript support?

I wanted to sort items in a folder by date, but of course they hadn’t been named well enough to allow that (they’d been created by Save PDF to Scrivener command in Safari/Print, and August is appearing before January). I don’t think it’s a good idea to burden Scrivener’s rich interface with yet more options for sorting - hard to see how it would be possible in any case. However, this is exactly the sort of task that would suit AppleScript:

tell app “Scrivener”
repeat with i in selected folder
set name of i to a_better_name(i)
sort selected folder by name

Ah well, wouldn’t it be nice if AppleScript was that easy to write (let alone implement)?

So my wish: access to all of Scrivener’s collections from AppleScript!


AppleScript is still on the list for the future, it’s just a massive job. Hopefully I’ll get to add it later in the year, though.
All the best,